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PrIME is a cancer molecular test that incorporates a 500+ tumor-related multi-gene panel associated with targeted therapies.
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Mo.Re. (Molecular Response) is multi-gene assay developed to provide an insight to the tumor’s biology of each patient.
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HerediGENE is a test that fully analyzes a panel of genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2 , which are responsible for increased risk of developing breast, ovarian and other hereditary cancers.
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Molecular Genetics

Genekor is specialized in molecular genetics.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, our company offers all the validated molecular tools for the diagnosis, prognosis and individualized treatment of cancer patients.


It is generally accepted that cancer is a disease with a genetic background related to acquired or hereditary mutations, gene translocations and over expression of some genes.

Mutations take place in genes that are responsible for the smooth operation of the organism with regards to the cellular proliferation, differentiation and cellular death. The majority of cancers is sporadic and is presented in relatively elder people, as they occur from the accumulation of mutations in genes such as K-RAS, EGFR, BRAF, P53 etc. Such mutations are also related to response to targeted therapies.

SciPharm Trading DMCC

Scipharm in UAE was established in 2021 with the vision to Elevate the options for precision medicine with the highest quality services in the molecular medicine sector, offering comprehensive tumor profiling for targeted therapies.Scipharm was inspired and guided for this mission by creating a partnership with one of the best 17 laboratories word wide in molecular medicine quality assurance Genekor, (mentioned Gen.Med.2018) .

The clinical expertise of GeneKor focuses on:

  • Response to Targeted Therapy
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Determination of Hereditary Cancer (Breast Cancer , Colon Cancer , Thyroid Cancer , Pancreatic Cancer , etc.)
  • New Unique Technological Platforms (OncotypeDX BreastTM, OncotypeDX ColonTM, OncotypeDX ProstateTM, PCA3TM)