Slide Background
HerediGENE is a test that fully analyzes a panel of 43 genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are associated with increased risk of developing breast, ovarian and other hereditary cancers.

This breakthrough technology along with cloud computing and bioinformatics work together in order to analyze massive volumes of data from the patients’ genome and transform it in an actionable report providing information on three main categories of results which are:

  • On-label drugs- Drugs approved for this patient’s tumor type.
  • Off-label drugs- Drugs not approved for this patient’s tumor type but approved for a different tumor type.
  • Clinical trials- Provide information on ongoing clinical trials based on this patient’s biology.

Why choose Mo.Re?

Mo.Re. is a widely validated assay that has been selected by the National Cancer Institute in the United States, as the assay of choice for stratifying more than 3000 patients that participate in the MATCH (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice) Clinical Trial to assign to them targeted treatments.  MATCH is the first multi-centric clinical study  where the targeted therapeutic approach is based on the molecular pathway analysis of the tumor, independently of the organ of origin. Mo.Re. is designed to help physicians select the appropriate targeted treatments for their patients and avoid the toxicity and other side effects of chemotherapy, especially in cases where a conventional therapy  has already been used with limited response and in some cases even resistance.

Who should be tested?

Mo.Re is designed in order to allow you and your physician to select which is the optimal targeted treatment based on your unique tumor biology.

This test is designed for the following cases:

  • Initial treatment plan is completed and more treatment options are needed.
  • Tumors without an established “gold standard” treatment.
  • Tumors that are aggressive and do not respond to standard treatment.
  • Rare tumors.
  • Tumor types with many targeted treatment options available such as lung cancer.

Clinical Utility

Mo.Re. provides valuable information that can be utilized to select the optimal targeted treatment for patients. By analyzing many genes at the same time it provides a detailed blueprint of the biology of the tumor, which is used by the treating physician to design the patient’s treatment plan.

Actionable information in almost 80% of the time
73% of the actionable cases will get at least one treatable mutation (on-label or off-label)

What you get


An individualized report that summarizes the findings of your genetic profile is provided to you and your physician.


GeneKor takes care of all the logistics in order for your sample to arrive to our laboratory safely


Our team of experts is here to interpret your results to you and your family.