Slide Background
HerediGENE is a test that fully analyzes a panel of 43 genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are associated with increased risk of developing breast, ovarian and other hereditary cancers.

PrIMe is based on the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus, which is used for the analysis of 500+ genes associated with targeted and immuno-oncology therapies. This assay detects relevant SNVs, indels, CNVs, gene fusions, splice variants in addition to TMB, PD-L1, MSI and LOH immunotherapy biomarkers, all simultaneously.

This assay is the new evolved version of the original assay with robust performance proven to be effective in large clinical oncology trials such as NCI MATCH.

Sequencing is carried out using the Next Generation Sequencing platform Ion GeneStudio™ S5 PrIME System (Thermo Fisher Scientific). 

Who should be tested

This test is designed for the following cases:

  • Aggressive tumors with no standard treatment
  • When the initial treatment plan has been completed but more treatment options must be taken under consideration.
  • Tumors with many available treatment options where the physician must clarify which one will be the most effective on a particular patient.
  • For a clear indication of the patient’s immune response system in order to know if an immunotherapy plan would be a suitable plan or/and in order to create an efficient immunotherapy plan .
  • Tumors of unknown primary tumor
  • Rare tumors.
  • Tumors without an established “gold standard” treatment
Why PrIMe

Choose the right cancer treatment: PrIMe Multi-gene assay provides a comprehensive picture of the tumor biology. This helps physicians and patients choose a personalized cancer treatment.

It analyzes 500+ unique cancer genes and the MSI, PD-L1, TMB and LOH immunotherapy biomarkers.

This way the physician has a clear indication of which treatments will benefit the patient and which not, including immunotherapy.

Continuous support to the doctor and the patient from our experienced team.
The procedure for PrIMe test or any other test at Genekor Medical S.A. does not end with the results report.

Our experienced customer service and scientific consulting teams work with the physician and patient throughout the process. Both teams guide the patient throughout the examination process and provide information on new data and recommended treatments on a case-by-case basis, creating a strong support system for both.

The evolved version of the assay selected for the MATCH clinical study: The PrIMe method is the evolution of a widely validated study selected by the National Cancer Institute in the United States. It was used as an analysis of choice for the stratification of more than 3,000 patients participating in the clinical trial (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice) to assign targeted individualized treatments.

MATCH is the first multicenter clinical study in which the targeted therapeutic approach is based on the analysis of molecular pathways of the tumor, regardless of the organ of origin.

State of the art, sensitive and reliable technology: The sequencing is carried out using the Ion Torrent Next Generation Sequensing platfrom “Ion GeneStudio™ S5 PrIME System”. This is a state of the art technology, which has demonstrated high reproducibility, sensitivity and specificity. Moreover, this Technology has been adopted by the leading cancer institutions worldwide, including National Cancer Institute.